Please make all checks payable to: Joey Giordano Foundation

Form may be downloaded by clicking this link: Registration Form

Please, fill it out and return to the address provided.



1.     LAWS – All State and Federal Laws must be obeyed.

2.     SAFETY – A mandatory safety meeting will be held 30 minutes prior to launch. All contestants must wear coast guard approved life vests (jackets, coats) when combustion engine is operating. All boats must have operating running lights and kill switches. The engine kill must be attached to the driver while the main engine is running. Tournament will take place regardless of weather, please use caution.

3. RULES – Interpretation and enforcement of all rules will be the sole responsibility of the Board of Directors and Tournament Director. The tournament director may make a change at his discretion or when the safety of anglers is in question.

4. SCORING FISH – Only five (5) fish per team to be weighed, measuring twelve (12) inches (mouth closed, tail touching in any way and not mutilated). A 1 lb penalty will be deducted from the total weight for each fish under 12 inches. 1/4 lb penalty for each dead fish brought to the measuring table from the total weight. All dead fish will go to a charity program. Official measuring board will be the Golden Rule. No courtesy measurements at the scales.

5. TIE - In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by the largest fish to determine the winner. If there is still a tie, a coin flip will determine the winner.

6. CULLING – No more than five (5) fish will be allowed in the live well per team.

7. ALCOHOL BEVERAGES AND DRUGS – Alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs will not be allowed in boats during tournament hours, except those prescribed by a doctor.

8. BAIT AND TACKLE – All fish must be taken with rod and reel on artificial lures, trolling will not be permitted.

9. PRACTICE CATCH AND RELEASE – This is a catch and release tournament. Adequate live wells are mandatory to keep fish in good condition.

10. PERMISSIBLE WATERS – Contestants must be able to boat into any water they fish on the Red River Waterway. Contestants must fish from the boat.

11. SPORTSMANSHIP – All contestants are expected to practice courtesy, safety and follow local and state laws. Anyone not doing so will be disqualified.

12. POLYGRAPH – All contestants must submit to and pass a psychological stress evaluation test when requested. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

13. BOATS AND MOTORS – No engine shall exceed the maximum horse power rating for the boat on which it is used. All boats must meet U.S. Coast Guard and state regulations. All boats must be insured.

14. WEIGH-IN AND LATE PENALTY – All boats must be docked or in line by 3:00 p.m. All contestants late for weigh-in will be disqualified.

15. ELIGIBILITY – This is an open tournament. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Teams must fish from the same boat. No one other than a paid contestant is allowed in the boat during tournament hours. Contestants must have a valid Louisiana fishing license.

16. LAUNCH SEQUENCE – Contestants will take off in order of entry. Contestants MUST launch from Colfax landing.